About Us

Puget Woodwind Studio is a licensed business to operate in the City of Olympia. We offer private music lessons in Olympia, WA and performances in various styles and settings. All lessons are taught at 1575 Brown St SE, Olympia WA 98501

Our Students
are varied by age group and skill level. Therefore, we create individual lesson plans to meet every student's need. 
Many of Puget Woodwind Studio's students have had success in their performances and competitions.    

Puget Woodwind Studio

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Flute Lessons

Practice Tools:

The Woodwind Fingering Guide.

Free online metronome.

Free manuscript/staff/music paper.

Free audio editor and recorder.

Music Online:
Our preferred online music store.

Free sheet music for all instruments.

Other Preferred Sites:

Official Reverb Nation page of High F'lutin'

Music Studios in Bellingham and Mt.Vernon,WA. Offering piano and Suzuki flute lessons.