The Olympia Youth Flute Choir

History of OYFC

The Olympia Youth Flute Choir was an idea long discussed among the members of the Northwest Flute Consort, but it had never been realized until 2009. When Ninee P.Wolff first moved to Olympia, a few prominent members of the Consort had asked her to organize a youth flute choir with the goal of improving the youth flute program around Puget Sound. With help from local organizations and colleagues, she gradually gathered materials and and organized the event. Students from all around the Puget Sound have come to participate. OYFC performs bi-annually.

This ensemble is a registered member of the National Flute Assiociation (NFA).

Click here for pictures from the past seasons.

Latest OYFC Announcement

OYFC is currently on hiatus. Future updates will be announced on this page and on our Facebook page.